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The Therapeutic Process

At My New Days Counseling we understand that seeking help can be challenging and possible at the same time 

Initial Session & Assessment

Therapy is an active collaborative process that is navigated by both the therapist and the individual seeking therapy at every stage: assessment, diagnosis, goal collaboration, success completion, and closure. Your journey towards your new days begins with Dahiana listening and gaining an understanding of your strengths, presenting challenges, and desires for you and your family’s mental health. In this initial session you will learn about Dahiana’s private practice and share each other’s expectations during the upcoming months.


Building Therapeutic Trust

Therapy is a safe space to find your inner strengths and your support systems. It is a vessel to find your new days filled with balance and enhanced coping as well as ideal communication skills. Your professional relationship with Dahiana is an important aspect of the therapeutic process. It is built by transparency, honesty, and candid discussions in a safe space. In this therapeutic environment you will build upon your existing virtues to face and overcome challenges.  The therapeutic process and therapeutic relationship are important aspects in achieving your success through the exploration of behaviors, feelings, and life’s challenges.

Goal Collaboration

At My New Days, your presenting challenges will be matched with your current strengths and skills. Once you and Dahiana have collaborated in identifying a goal for therapy, you will begin to implement the action steps towards your goal achievements. In the goal collaboration process, you will learn and practice the necessary skills to create the best relationships and interactions that are ideal for you and your support system. Goal Collaboration will specifically identify action steps that are attainable, clinically appropriate, and realistic to your daily life.



Empowering oneself takes time, mindfulness, patience, and care. My New Days Counseling provides a warm, emphatic, and private environment for essential mental health care that is reliable and authentic. Following your goal collaboration on a steady path will assist in your

successful therapeutic process.


My New Days provides expertise in processing mental health challenges with ethical practices that are trauma informed and aware, compassionate, culturally sensitive, and in-tune with individual and family needs. Dahiana’s professional goals at My New Days Counseling are to provide a healing environment in which seeds of hope and learning are planted so you can reach your goals and reach empowerment to make the best decisions for you!


Completion Session

At My New Days Counseling we understand that seeking help can be challenging and possible at the same time. When you reach the final session of your services with My New Days Counseling, you will have come full circle with your presenting challenges. Closure and summarizing your therapeutic work will become part of your experience with therapy and empower you to move towards your New Days!

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